Margaret Foster Recall Therapy

Find — Clear — Heal

Through her life-long spiritual journey, Margaret Foster has found her calling guiding others who wish to reconnect with their soul and live a more connected and purposeful life. Using a combination of the Emotional Freedom Technique, meditation, hypnotherapy, and Claircognisance, Margaret will lead you through Past Life Regression and Current Life Recall and Clarity sessions to help you rediscover confidence and inner-peace. 

Past Life Regression and Current Life Recall

Through Past Life Regression and Current Life Recall, you will unlock your sense of peace, joy, and the ability to function without stress and anxiety. Margaret works to find the block and clears whatever is standing in your way to heal you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to reconnect yourself back to you. 


If you are struggling to let go of painful and unwanted feelings, Margaret’s Clarity sessions will help you discover your natural healing abilities using the scientifically-proven Sedona Method of releasing fear based thoughts, feelings, and emotions. During the sessions, she will guide you through a releasing journey that leads to increased self-esteem and confidence, deepening your inner peace and joy. 

During your session, Margaret will safely help you in work, family, or other issues and uncover why you are struggling to find peace. With Margaret’s guidance, you will gain insight into what is holding you back with the use of the Emotional Freedom Technique, tapping and meditation, as well as other healing tools.