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Re-connecting you to you

Holistic Therapy

Margaret started this business after many years of working with clients in the healing modality of Usui Reiki.  Margaret first completed her Reiki I and Reiki II certificates in 1997 and then trained for her Masters in 2014.

Over the years Margaret spent a lot of time learning new modalities EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Direct Experience, Meditation, along with learning to connect to and trust in her connection to spirit through Claircogniance  to heal her own Souls journey and in doing so shared  those hard earned  learnings with others at first organically and now after training at the Toni Reilly Institute in Past Life Regression, Margaret has been called upon to expand her organic teachings into a more structured platform to allow her to be able to work with more and more people who want to reconnect with their own souls and live a more connected and purposeful life.

Past Life Regression and Current Life Recall

Why Past Life Regression and Current Life Recall?  The Past Life Regression and Current Life Recall modalities have shown to unlock our blocks to known and unknown limitations placed on our sense of peace, happiness, ability to function without stress and anxiety.  A powerful tool to finding the block, clearing the block, and healing the block. Embracing the healing on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual is what allows you to reconnect to you.

Creative Life Therapy

Creative Life Therapy   This is where you get to talk through and process in a safe place the reason that you are struggling to find your peace.  This could be about work, family, life in general, getting that raise, getting that new job, letting go of whatever it is that is holding you back from being your authentic self.

We work through these sessions using my connection to source to gain knowledge and wisdom surrounding the cause of your concerns.  I also use tools such as the Emotional Freedom Technique, Tapping, Meditation, Direct Experience and other healing, awareness and mentoring tools.


What is Reiki?   The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki which is “life force energy”. So, Reiki is actually “spiritually guided life force energy.”

How does it work?  Reiki is the transferring of energy by hands on or slightly above a patient’s body, using a sequence of hand positions starting from the crown down to the feet, while working to clear blockages in a person’s body and life force energy fields. This is the same universal energy involved in Tai Chi exercise.  Reiki works similarly to the principles of acupuncture or acupressure as in clearing energy pathways within the body.


“Margaret is a considered and intelligent therapist. Her approach is gentle and I felt very comfortable as her client. I had never experienced past life regression before and I was very surprised by the deep journey I went on. I would recommended Margaret as an intuitive and knowledgeable therapist.”

Sandy, MelbourneRecall Therapy

“I have always felt a deep connection to nature animals and the energy that binds life together
Today I was blessed to receive a past life regression session from a beautiful intuitive Soul
She guided me into a life that was so in alignment with why I need time alone, in nature with birds, animals and plants.

Today I realised that I have always been guided deeply and the energy that speaks to me and through me has been a constant flow of all lifetimes merged into one

Today I acknowledge all that I am. Today I acknowledge all I have experienced.Today I acknowledge all my diverse reactions.

Today I finally know and trust who I am. Today I unraveled the last layer that held me back

I am at PEACE

Love & Blessings”

Caroline Byrd - (soulbyrd.com)Creative Life Therapy

“Margaret it is magical to see you living your mission. The evolution of Recall and past life regression coupled with a gifted facilitator makes it an extraordinary process. Your clients will thrive from working with you”

Toni Reilly - (tonireillyinstitute.com)Recall & Past Life Regression

“If it wasn’t for Margaret I wouldn't be in business. I was feeling completely lost and overwhelmed with the prospect of starting something from scratch and climbing the mountain that was in front of me. Margaret offered the words of support and insight that I needed to hear at the time to keep going. She kept me focused and on track to create the business that I have today. Her perspective and wisdom is invaluable. She is amazing at what she does. I highly recommend her services.”

Jessica, SydneyCreative Life Therapy

“I found Margaret's manner to be professional and empathetic and she guided me to a more energised and positive state by the end of the session. I came away with an increased understanding of myself and how I had been experiencing things. Margaret is very good at what she does. I think she would be an asset to prospective clients and employers.”

NM, MelbourneCreative Life Therapy

“Wow! I am so happy I saw Mags. She has changed my life!
I have had 2 sessions with Mags and after the first regression therapy session I saw a difference. The first session went back to a previous life and after I processed this regression I noticed that I was becoming more vocal and setting boundaries. Something I had not done before. Following the second regression which took me back to this life-time , this has definitely changed me. It has opened me up and many memories have come back which I had previously shut down. I am still taking baby steps but feel as though I am becoming the person I should be and am no longer living to please others.
I am grateful to Mags for the help she has given me and for the processes she has used which have brought about many changes in my life. Thank you Thank you Thank you.”

Mary, SouthportCreative Life Therapy

“I was quite excited but nervous also about doing my first PLR! Margaret had me feeling at ease in no time though. Her space was warm and comforting and she explained everything well so I knew what to expect. The session got straight to the point of what it was I was hoping to achieve which was to alleviate unwarranted fears which had been holding me back; done by going back to the source of where they all began. It was truly fascinating!! And I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Margaret about it afterwards. Many words of wisdom. Thanks Margaret!”

Jenna, Byron BayCreative Life Therapy

“I experienced my first past life regression with Margaret, which allowed me to connect deeper with myself and see an aspect of who I am. Margaret offers a safe, honest, memorable and empowering experience.”

ChelseaPast Life Regression Therapy

“Past Life Regression offer! $150/ 2hrs with the amazing Margaret Foster via Zoom or at her gorgeous place in Mount Cotton. She's a Life-path 7 with the biggest heart. We did a session last week where I recalled a life as a disfigured man who worked for a religious community. He couldn't talk due to being injured as a kid, so he devoted his life to helping people solve their practical problems. Since the session, my chronic jaw tension has massively reduced, as has my phobia of people looking at my face.”

CourtneyPast Life Regression

“Thanks Margaret, I will be back! FYI I previously did a past life regression, which removed my stutter...if you read Brian Weiss's books, you'll know that the reduction in lifelong worries and fears can be incredible (although not guaranteed) through this process.”

RosiePast Life Regression