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Re-incarnation for someone who committed suicide

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I was asked recently do I believe in Re-incarnation, and if so what if the person has suicided?

Given the work that I do in Past Life Regression I would say emphatically – YES I DO!

Given my personal experience with 2 family members having committed suicide once again – YES I DO!

When I sat with that question for a few moments and thought how do I answer this, I wondered what are you actually asking, my first response was why do you ask?

After a few moments (for the sake of this article lets call this person JEN) She went on; Well I have heard that if someone suicides then they are stuck, they don’t get into heaven and then if that is true then what happens to them?  Will I ever get to see them again?  Does he even know that I miss him? 

As I sat with Jen, I said let’s start at the beginning.  Firstly, tell me what you know about heaven and hell.  She said well I was taught to believe that Heaven was where you go when you have done good and Hell is where you go when you have done bad.  Is Suicide bad? If it is bad then why don’t they go to Hell rather than being stuck?

My answer is, in my experience, there is no Heaven or Hell, there is just “Source”.  An energy that our soul comes from and that we go back to once we have incarnated into a Soul growth journey along our Soul path.  You see my understanding is that we are all Souls living in this life time having a human experience.  Does that mean that there is no GOD?…. I don’t know, I believe that we come from a higher source, spirit, energy. Is that source called GOD, or BUDDAH, or ALLAH, or the big bang theory or by any other name? I honestly don’t know, nor do I believe that it matters.  All that matters is that we ALL come from something way bigger than us, a “Godliness” and, that we are just a very very small part of something much bigger and universal than right here and right now. 

With all of the Past Life Regressions that I have done, one thing seems to be very clear.  Firstly, that our souls are on two concurrent journeys at all times.  Our Soul path journey (which is our Souls trying to reconnect back to “Source”, a piece of our Soul DNA is left in “Source” every time we reincarnate, it is sometimes called the etheric cord, however, there are many names for it.  Most importantly it is our Souls connection back to “Source” and it cannot be broken) and our life path journeys (these are the lessons we need to have in order to grow on our Soul path).

Something else that I have found is that everyone, gets to go back to “Source”.  We all have to go through the halls of healing and atone for all of the deeds (some call it Karma) that we have created on our Life journey, both the good and the bad.  None of us get to escape atonement.  For some of us this is a wonderful experience based on the good that we have done in life, and for some of us this is not such a pleasant experience due to the harm we caused others.  Some rare souls don’t step into the halls of healing too quickly because they fear what that may feel like.  But there is no short cut to going back to “Source”.  Firstly we go through the halls of healing, and then we get to go before the council of reckoning. 

This is not a fear-based council, it is a time for our souls to decide if we completed our soul purpose of being re-incarnated in the life we just completed.  If we have acknowledged that we did, regardless of how we left that life (suicide, murder victim, early death, older death, illness or accident) the how is only relevant to the purpose of our souls journey.

So in answer to JENS questions;

Is suicide bad? 

NOT AT ALL, however, sometimes it is a premature ending to our soul lesson, and once we have returned through the halls of healing and we get to the council of reckoning, we may realise that we haven’t completed the part of our soul lesson we went to learn. At this point we have to go back to earth and humanity to complete that lesson before we can grow along our soul path to fully reconnect back to “Source”.  

We as souls get to choose when that will be.  We as souls are completely in control of our own soul growth on our path back to “Source”. We can choose to stay in the peace of “Source” and stay where we are on our soul path journey, or we can choose to have a smaller growth in another dimension, however, to grow significantly we have to come back to earth and humanity as this is the only dimension that has “Emotion” both the good and the bad elements, and, these elements are the keys to our soul growth.

Sometimes though our ending isn’t about our personal soul growth directly but is in support of our soul family, group or community growth. More about soul connections in another article.

Will I ever get to see him again?

            Absolutely YES. Remember a piece of our soul DNA always stays in “Source”. More about soul connections in another article.

Does he even know that I miss him?

            Absolutely YES.  Our loved soul connections are always aware of our energy, they are with us, they don’t have the heaviness of our weighted bodies living on earth, our souls are pure energy and have the freedom to be anywhere and everywhere.  Our souls living in our human bodies are the ones that are limited by the heaviness of being an earth being due to our ego, our limited mind knowledge and our free will to choose who we will be and what we believe based on our personal limitations chosen in this life path journey.

            Remember, once we go through the halls of healing we emerge into “Source” completely healed and at peace.  Ready to choose again what, when and how the next part of our Soul path journey will be.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience”   Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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