What is Peace?

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What does “Peace” actually mean in relation to being in control of our own emotions and feelings?

Peace, for me, is when you get to choose your feeling, your emotion, your story, your energy, who you are, intrinsically you.

To me, peace is the only emotive word in human language that has neither a positive or negative charge to it. Therefore, it is not reliant on external justification to “be or feel something”. 

What I mean by this, is most words which describe emotion or feeling have a negative or positive opposite charge to them. For example, happy is the opposite of sad and good is the opposite of bad etc. Therefore, these emotion words have a negative (e.g. sad) or positive (e.g. happy) opposite charge connected to them.

Also, these emotion words and feelings are often searched for outside of ourselves. For example, seeking happiness from money and success from a partner. Therefore, the control of our personal and soul power is given to either someone else or external circumstances and situations.

This often shows up in our day-to-day relationships, when we find ourselves feeling an emotion based on the actions or reactions of those around us or the current circumstances or situations happening outside of our perceived control. 

In my work, I often hear clients say, “I would be happy if…”, or, “I will be happy when…” This can also present itself with negative feelings, in which you give another person control over the way you feel.  For example, “This relationship isn’t working because they make me feel…”, or “If they did this, I wouldn’t feel that way…” When we give our personal or soul power to a source outside of ourselves to define who and how we are, we lose our divine connection with our soul and we move further away from being able to connect with our purpose for being in the here and now and therefore our ability to choose peace.

In giving our power to an external source we affect our soul journey in this human experience by making this experience harder than it necessarily needs to be. It also often traps us within a victim perspective rather than allowing us to take on either a survivor perspective or from our soul purpose.

So, what is the answer to finding our own peace?

From my experience in the work that I do, I find that acknowledging and owning our actions and reactions, along with the part that we play in the situation we find ourselves in, is the very first step in the process. As Dr Phil often says, “we cannot change what we don’t acknowledge”.

The next step in the process is understanding that our thoughts create our reality. This concept is often a big hurdle for some people to understand and overcome. However, when you step back and look at how you actually think and self-talk about and to yourself when you think no one else is listening, you may very well find that you don’t often speak well to and of yourself. Unfortunately, most people speak kindlier of friends and, in some cases, people they don’t actually like than they do of themselves.

The third step in the process is to find the right form of therapy to help you to be able to discover, clear, and heal the blocks that are stopping you from being able to regain control of who you are and how you feel in every moment of this life. Connecting with a way to being able to release the positive or negative charges that keep us from feeling peace in all situations, and we do this from within ourselves not from outside of ourselves.

Sometimes these blocks may be caused by words, deeds or actions that were done to you in this life by somebody else (most often starting when you were young) and you have owned them either consciously or unconsciously as being true. Sometimes they are leftover energies that were not healed in a past life that you have carried over into this life.  Either way, finding a therapist that has the ability to unlock those blocks is key to finding, clearing, and healing to allow you to reconnect to your soul power and purpose and, therefore, peace.

Almost all of these blocks come from a core batch of emotional bruises such as humiliation, abandonment, rejection, betrayal, inequality etc and/or from a core group of fear-based emotions such as the fear of approval, control or safety & security etc. However, the most important information to remember is that you are not alone in having these emotional bruises and/or fear-based emotions; they appear to come for most of us in one form or another with the decision we make in coming back into human form to allow us to grow on our soul journey.

Peace for me is when you get to choose you. This is our universal right.

 “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

For further information on what tools I use to Find, Clear & Heal my clients’ blocks, or to book a session my website can be accessed through https://margaretfoster.com.au/sessions/

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